Pasture Maintenance Calendar 2021

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We’ve updated our very popular property, paddock and pasture management calendar for 2021.  At an overview level, it provides guidance on what you can be doing when in order to maximise the potential of your property.   Getting the timing right is critically important when it comes to improving grass and managing weeds! Please download the […]

Blackberry fact sheet

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A better understanding of how blackberry grows and thrives will help you manage it on your property. The fact sheet includes information about the best time of year to spray or slash blackberry bushes, and how to protect the environment while you do so. Download the fact sheet here: Click here or the image below […]

Six tips for managing Barley Grass

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While it may look similar to other grasses in your paddocks, barley grass can cause big problems for your animals.  Here’s six steps to take to avoid problems and eliminate barley grass from your property. 1. Identify and Map During Spring when the grass gets its distinctive seed head (images shown below), map out exactly […]

Capeweed Fact Sheet

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Our fact sheet on managing Cape Weed / capeweed has been updated. Click here, or the image below to view the factsheet, or right click to save a copy. The fact sheet covers: the right weed spray for capeweed planting competition grass to beat it down how to manage or kill capeweed the annual cycle […]