Pasture Improvement Plan Request

For a limited time only during May and June, we’re offering free, fully customised plans for improving pastures and grass cover on your property. There’s no catch – we want to help you get prepared for the year ahead before Autumn arrives (which is both the ideal planting season in Victoria, and when the winter weeds start to emerge).

We are experts in property management and improvement in the regions north-east of Melbourne, including the Nillumbik and Yarra Valley areas, but we’re happy to provide a plan and advice for your property anywhere in Victoria. 

Your plan will be developed based on the information provided below, plus some other photos and info we’ll request from you in a follow up email or phone call (your preference).

Custom for you

Information written specifically about your location, your property, and your ground conditions.

Annual plan

Month-by-month annual plans for 2020 and 2021 showing you what to do and when.

Cost estimates

Cost estimates to help you plan or decide whether you need some help. (We're always happy to help!)

Hints and tips

To help you understand why different approaches work for a multi-year grass improvement program.

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