Outdoor Farm and Property Work, School Hours

Role Overview

We are expanding our team, and seeking a suitable person to join us in our core work activities – farm and paddock improvements, fencing, grass and garden care, and property maintenance.

The work has quite a lot of variety, and includes operating tractors and implements; ride on mowers; weed spraying; rural fence building; mowing, whipper snipping and gardening; and more.  All the work is outdoors, and most of it is quite active in nature – like operating the tractors, whipper snipping, backpack spraying, carrying fencing materials, shovelling etc.

The position will work during school hours (i.e. from around 9am to 3pm) and during school terms – you’ll be able to do school dropoff and pickup.  Initially the role is offered for three days per week.

The position is offered on a part time fixed term basis, with regular weekly salary, flexible working arrangements to suit family committments, and leave provisions.

Duties and Work of the Role

Duties of the role include:

  • Operating small tractors using implements such as mowers, weed spray units, spreaders, seed sowing machines, and fence post drivers.
  • Lawn care tasks such as push mowing, whipper snipping, and ride on lawn mower operation, plus gardening tasks like pruning, weeding, hedging etc.
  • Rural fence construction tasks like carrying timber and wire mesh around, running out fencing wire and mesh, cutting timber, etc.
  • Preparing various products for our customers properties such as mixing herbicides, shovelling lime into the spreader, and lifting bags of seed and fertiliser.
  • Working around animals such as horses, alpacas, cows, and dogs.
  • Driving 4WD vehicles on the road (towing trailers) and offroad when required.

The Right Person for this Role

This role would perfectly suit someone who loves working outdoors and working in rural and farming setting.  

Given the work hours being in school time, and during school terms, the role would be a perfect fit for someone with children in school, who is looking for active work which can fit with a working parent lifestyle.

Experience in the particular work (operating tractors, fencing, lawn care) is not essential, but what is important is having a desire to learn, a passion for taking care of other people’s properties, animals and safety, and an interest in a large variety of outdoors physical work.

Our priorities are the health and safety of our teams and the customers we serve, and making sure each customer has an exceptional experience every time.  The right person for this role will share those priorities, and our core value of caring for other people and their animals.

Experience working with or owning horses (or alpacas, sheep, cows) would be beneficial but not essential.

What We Offer

We believe in providing our staff with the best working environment possible.  We pay above award rates, and work as a team to ensure we’re all highly productive and delivering great outcomes for our customers.

This role is a part time position, initially commencing as three days per week, with potential to extend to five days per week.  Work is only during school terms, with options to work during school holidays where it suits.  Initially we are offering the role as a fixed term position running until the end of term 3, with the potential to switch to permanent at that time.

It is a staff position, providing regular weekly salary, flexible working arrangements to suit family committments, and leave provisions.  

You will need to provide your own transport to and from the work locations, but all other equipment, PPE and materials are provided.  We provide reimbursement when travel to work locations is greater than 20km.


If you’d like to learn more about the role and have a chat with us, please complete the form below and tick the ‘find out more’ button.  If you’d like to apply now, please fill out the form and tick the ‘apply’ button.